Roast pork with Carrots

The Roast pork is one of the ideal second courses  to enjoy in friends' and relatives' company: its soft and delicate meat, besides, makes this recipe particularly appreciated also by children, Perfect, in short, for your family lunches! 

Potatoes are its most classic side dish, salad the lightest one: but also carrots blend wonderfully with roast loin, as suggested by Paola Croci, in a delicious recipe that we propose to you herebelow.


Recipe of the loin of pork with carrots and Vinchef

lonza di maiale arrostoIngredients


about 700/800 gr of pork loin, 2 big carrots, 2 garlic cloves, rosemary, oil, salt, half glass of Vinchef, about 150 ml soup


Range the meat in a grease pan after putting the rosemary twigson the base: then add two garlic cloves and start cooking a few minutes on each side.  
Once the surface is all cooked pour out Vinchef and let evaporate cooking for about 5 minutes.

Meamwhile cut the carrots and warm the soup.

Range the carrots over the meat and, after few minutes pour also the warm soup: cover and stew for half an hour at a low flame. Half way through remember to stir and adjust salt! Should the roast be too dry, add some more soup or, alternatively, somew cooking water. Let then cool down, remove the net and cut into thin slices accompanying with the carrots juice..



Source: The recipes in Patatina's Kitchen
Recipe: Pork loin with Carrots