Risotto with yellow squash

Among the first courses most appreciated by children, the risotto with squash is appreciated because it is sweet, colorful, amusing! One of the best way to eat a dish at the same time tasty and healthy: squash, infact, is quite rich in carotene and anti-oxidants, it supplies lot of potassium, it contains anti-inflammatory and emollient compounds. In short, a true all natural prodigy!

There are those who love the risotto with squash and sausage, those who prefer that with red squash, those who choose the combination squash and gorgonzola: the versions are endless!

We propose to you 1 reecipe over 1000, taken from the blog Nella Cucina di Laura (In Laura's kitchen), by Laura Pacciani: to prepare an excellent traditional risotto with squash. 

Risotto with squash: 1 recipe over 1000!


risotto alla zucca


250 gr. of yellow squash, 150 gr. of rice carnaroli, olive oil, a quarter of onion, salt,  Vinchef, grated cheese, half litre of vegetable soup



Cut both squash and onion into cubes, then make onion brown in a pan with little olive oil. Pour Vinchef to your  taste to flavour the recipe and let it evaporate.
Now add squash and dilute with some vegetable soup: when squash is nearly cooked, mash it carefully, turning it into cream.
You can now add rice and cook it as usual (pour little by little, the vegetable soup in the cooker).
At last a generous sprinkle of grated cheese and serve on the table while risotto is still well hot!

Source: Nella Cucina di Laura
Recipe: Risotto with squash