Pasta with mushrooms and bacon

The cooking recipes of this season cannot be but ...mushroom dishes!

We have got risotto with mushrooms, tagliatelle with mushrooms, fusilli with mushrooms and so on and so forth ;) What the blogger Laura Pacciani, in her blog Nella Cucina di Laura (in Laura's kitchen) proposes to us is a very particular version with typical pasta from Tuscany, the quasimodi.
Absolutely to try!!

Recipe pasta with bacon and mushrooms

pasta pancetta funghi


200 gr. of quasimodi,  extravirgin  olive oil, 1 slice of bacon half cm thick, 1 quarter of onion, 2 small carrots (or one if it is big), 150 gr. of canned mushrooms, Vinchef, 250 ml. of cream, salt


Start cutting the carrots, onion and bacon into small cubes and put onion in a pan with oil until onion hasn't fried golden brown; then add carrot, cook for a while and pour Vinchef cooking until it evaporates. Add the bacon cubes pancetta, make them fry to golden brown and cook all together for a few minutes, so that the carrots soften a little.
Now add the mushrooms, stir carefully and last pour the liquid cream and adjust salt. When it starts boiing the sauce is ready.
Meanwhile you have started cooking the quasimodi. When they are ready, strain and dress them with the sauce.  Range on a  serving dish and if you want dredge with grated parmesan cheese.

Recipe: Quasimodi Matti
Source: Nella Cucina di Laura