Pasta with mushrooms

The dishes with mushrooms are among the tastiest recipes of autumn season: tagliatelle ai funghi, polenta, risotto.... You can take your pick!

The  mushroom sauce  has got several versions, all tasty and inviting! _You can try the one suggested by Giusy of Dolci&Delizie, you won't regret it ;)

Recipes with mushrooms: fusilli with sausage

Fusilli ai funghiIngredients

350 gr of fusilloni, 300 gr of sausage, pore mushrooms, raisin, nutgat flour, Vinchef, cream



Slightly fry mushrooms with oil and garlic, remove sausage from guts, crumble it and brown it together with mushrooms and a sprinkle of Vinchef. Let raisin soften in half a glass of rhum. Add raisin as well. When pasta is  cooked, whisk with the other ingredients  and also add a generous piece of stracchino.  Serve with a dredge of nutgat flour.

Recipe Fusilloni funghi e macinato
Source: Dolci&Delizie