Fried chicken

Golden nuggets of crisp fried chicken: here is the recipe in order to realize this speciality quite popular both in Chinese and in American cooking.

What about in Italy? Also in our Country this deli doesn't go unnoticed, being a fanciful second course meeting the children's taste as well. I thank Paola Croci and her colorful blog Le Ricette in cucina di Patatina for this very amusing recipe!

Crisp fried chicken: here is the recipe




500 gr of chicken (cut into slices), 300 gr self-rising flour, sparkling water (about 500 ml), Vinchef, lemon, oil, pepper and salt  (to flavour meat)


First of all cut chicken into nibbles of about one cm and let's put them in a bowl together with some lemon juice, half a coffee cup of Vinchef, little oil, salt and pepper.

Stir and let repose in the fridge for about an hour, meanwhile attend to the batter, mixing flour, sparkling water and a pinch of salt  to get a neither too thick nor too liquid homogeneous mix; also the batter shall be placed in the fridge for about one hour.

At this point, when the repose time has elapsed, you can take the chicken nibbles and dunk them in the batter, that has to coat them completely; now you are ready to dunk the nibbles in the piping hot oil. It will take a short while to fry them to a perfect golden brown! Serve well hot, also suitable as an aperitif or, why not, for a party among friends or for an evening watching TV!

Recipe: Fried chicken
Source: Le ricette in cucina di Patatina